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An Affordable After Hours Chiropractic URGENT CARE Center


With over two decades of experience, I can tell you firsthand, that Chiropractic works.  My patients have been amazing and I have learned a lot from them all!  As a healer, I am overwhelmed when I witness personal growth, success, and the pain-free lifestyle that so many of my family, friends and clients have acquired.  Many people have reclaimed their life by rejecting the “status quo” and adopting a lifestyle that includes total body awareness and well-being.  This “awareness” allows for healing within ~ through mental preparedness, diet, exercise, and, of  course, chiropractic care.  Join our family of chiropractic lovers and get back to running your life pain free!  Call today for a complimentary consultation: 404-518-6856. I can’t wait to meet you and serve you!

Dr. John Thomas, D.C. , “The Running Doctor”

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