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Marianne O’ Shaughnessy

Going to see “The Running Doctor” in February was the last of a long list of things I tried to alleviate my pain. I love to run long distances and have been doing so for 25 years with relatively no pain. I’m not a fast runner but I could go forever. My running partners always referred to me as “the energizer bunny.” Last June, during a long run, my leg cramped. It did so during my next couple of runs, also. Then my hip started to hurt, first one side, then the other. The pain continued to get worse but I continued to get worse but I continued running because I was getting ready to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October.

I ran the marathon, or more accurately, hobbled through the marathon, and of course my hip pain was worse. I tried taking over the counter medication for the pain but it didn’t work well, either. I started going to Yoga classes hoping the stretching would help, but the pain was still there, like a headache. I finally called the Running Doctor because “running pain free” sounded pretty good.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Thomas regularly since February and I couldn’t be happier. The muscle stripping is incredible, you can’t imagine how good it feels when you have it done. I had orthotics made and during the adjustment period my feet hurt but during that time, Dr. Thomas and his staff treated my sore feet and helped me through it. I even started the detoxification program and am feeling energetic and healthy again.

Dr. Thomas’ staff is incredible. They really listen to you and work hard to get you feeling better. I am very close to running pain free and definitely feel like I could tackle another marathon.

Marianne O’ Shaughnessy

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