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Tracy and Jane Welch

Tracy Welch

While training for a 5K last year, I injured my hamstring. I immediately quit running to prevent further injury and began cross-training on the stationary bike. A few weeks later, at the advice of my coach, I visited Dr. Thomas, who did muscle-stripping and ultrasound on my hamstring. Right after the session, I could feel improved flexibility and much less pain in my leg. Dr. Thomas advised me to run easily the next day. After only one week of running and weeks of biking, I ran the 5K that I had signed up for before the injury. I set a new personal record of 21:07 – 37 seconds better than my last race! I truly believe Dr. Thomas’ treatment made the difference in my rapid recovery, and I have not had trouble with my hamstring since.

Tracy Welch, College student at GA Tech


Jane Welch

I have been running seriously for just over one year. Several months ago, I was having significant knee and foot pain, and I was very concerned that my running would have to be curtailed. I saw Dr. Thomas, who did muscle stripping and ultrasound on my legs and feet. What I thought were problems in the joints were actually adhesions and scar tissue in the muscles and soft tissues. The first week after treatments by Dr. Thomas I ran a personal record of 80 seconds in a 5K race. The treatments by Dr. Thomas and his massage therapist allow me to continue training and racing. He and his entire staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

I have been to other chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapist and Dr. Thomas is absolutely the best. The results are truly amazing.

Jane Welch, RN, MS

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