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Mitch Otaki

Mitch Otaki

Mitch Otaki is an avid runner and top notch in his age group. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon and continues to excel. For Mitch running is his therapy and a time to connect with his boys. Read his personal recommendation and experience with the Running Doctor.

Hello Dr. Thomas

I just want say thank you for curing my back pain.

Since running is my mental therapy, I need to able to continue to run. I was running with my boy’s last Peachtree Road Race. I was very happy to share this happiness with my sons. I want to be a model for my kids without saying any word, just show them my back.

I dreamed of running Boston in 2000. Finally I qualified with the 2006 Chicago Marathon. I ran the 2007 Boston Marathon. But I could not finish it. I had to stop after the 20 mile point. I hope I can complete 2008 Boston. I have another chapter in my life need to close.

I absolutely recommend Dr, Thomas for your running doctor.

Dr. John N. Thomas, The Running Doctor, effectively treats athletes and all manner of back and neck pain. Dr. Thomas is both a runner and who practices the same lifestyle that he advocates. Dr. Thomas offers spinal decompression, full body chiropractic care, muscle management, deep tissue massage, custom orthotics and other therapies and treatments. For more information or a free consultation with Dr. Thomas, call 678.705.2709.

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