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Muscle Stripping

Muscle Stripping

Muscle Stripping involves deep tissue manual therapy to clear out the adhesions (scar tissue) formed in muscle fiber during physical activity. The technique is more effective than a deep tissue massage or a sports massage, as it elongates the muscles and removes the knots. For athletic patients, muscle stripping works to accelerate recovery, prevent injuries, as well as increase stride length, flexibility, and strength. In basketball players, they’ll have more spring. Runners will feel more loose and fresh for their races.

One patient, Jeff Stebar of Peachtree City, had tried for years to finish a marathon, with injuries just before every race. After he got Dr. Thomas’ muscle stripping in Fayetteville, GA, Jeff ran his first marathon, his second and his third.  He also recommends Dr. Thomas to his running and church friends for their athletic performance and back pain issues.

Muscle Stripping is also used on non-athletes, to work in conjunction with their chiropractic care or IDD Therapy®. By working out the muscle tightness and tension in the neck and back caused by adhesions, Muscle Stripping allows the spine to stay in its proper alignment. If you have ever said, “My back is in knots.” Or, “Do you feel the tension in my neck?” Muscle Stripping may be right for you.

Dr. Thomas usually combines Muscle Stripping Protocol with moist heat and Ultrasound Therapy, which aids in healing. To alleviate pain, electrical stimulation may also be included.

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